Jeffrey E. Marshall and Travis R. Taylor practice family law and family law-related matters and these matters only.  We practice family law 100%.  Every day, it’s all that we do.  We are here to help you through this difficult time.  Each partner has been practicing law and handling family law related matters for more than 15 years. If you find yourself going through this very trying time and are faced with a divorce, child custody dispute, asset and/or debt division dispute or support dispute you have found the right attorneys to help you.

Our Raleigh, NC law firm, [firm-name], concentrates on all aspects of family law and limits its practice to family law matters only.  We know how emotionally challenging family issues can be and how difficult it can be to see a marriage end. We are very experienced in these matters and can help you through the legal process. We take pride in being well-respected by Wake County lawyers and judges.  Many of our cases come from referrals from past clients.  This is a testament to the fact that our clients trust us and respect us enough to refer their family and friends to our firm.  This is something we do not take lightly and we are very proud of this fact.

When a client trusts us enough to handle these very personal and serious matters we consider it to be an honor and are proud of this fact.  We then do our best to represent each and every one of our clients. To learn more about what we can do for you, contact our offices at (919) 833-1040.

Our Practice Areas

Our Raleigh family law attorneys are prepared to help with any legal issue related to divorce, separation, or domestic matters. Our areas of focus include:

How We Can Help

You may be wondering how our reputation and experience can help you.  For starters, it means you can count on us to handle your specific areas of concern with legal precision and efficiency.  We handle all family law related matters – separation, divorce, child custody, child support, post separation support, alimony and property division.  You can hire us without worrying whether you have hired the right firm.  We have represented thousands of people just like you and have seen virtually all that issues that you can imagine.

Additionally, our staff has been carefully handpicked.  Our rigorous hiring policies ensure that we have people helping you that come to work because they truly want to help you.  Our staff enjoys seeing our clients and working with them to help them through this difficult time.  They too take pride in the success of our law firm.

Our goal is to help you to resolve each and every legal issue that comes up so that you can understand your legal rights and maximize your results.  We continually review your case and assess your options to ensure that no leaf is left unturned and that all possible alternatives are explored.  We can help you to decide whether a settlement is in your best interests.  You will feel confident that we have armed you with all the information you need to analyze options and make decisions that are in your best interests.  Our clients know that we truly care about them and their cases.  We truly treat each case as if it was our own.

Some of the North Carolina domestic cases we most frequently handle involve child custody, child support, divorce, alimony, and property and asset division distribution– statutorily referred to as equitable distribution.  Oftentimes, we are able to negotiate agreements on these issues and are able to come to terms on a legally binding contract called a Separation Agreement.

When a fair settlement cannot be reached we litigate cases and have tremendous experience in these cases. When it comes to fees, we will be able to give you an accurate assessment of what your case will cost you after we have had a chance to discuss your situation with you during our confidential consultation.  If you choose to retain us, we will provide you with a very detailed, yet not overly cumbersome written fee agreement.  You will have the option of choosing a flat-fee or an hourly rate.  This gives you the flexibility of choosing the type of billing arrangement that works best for you.

Our firm will provide you with the tools to make informed decision to help you to navigate through this difficult process.  Feel free to explore our website and review our articles, bios, and other information to help you to understand a little bit about who we are.  Then, schedule a consultation and see for yourself how we can help you.  You can call us or email us at any time if you would like to discuss our services.

Our office is located in the popular Glenwood South district of downtown Raleigh.  We work in a beautiful home that was first deeded in 1925.  It is an ode to the past and you will find it to be very comfortable and inviting.  We offer free parking behind our office so that you will not need to pay to park. We look forward to seeing you soon. Jeff and Travis.

Contact Us

We understand that dealing with family law issues is very difficult both emotionally and financially. To learn more about our offices, or to schedule a confidential consultation with our experienced attorneys, contact us today at (919) 833-1040.

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