North Carolina Child Abuse Laws

North Carolina Child Abuse Laws

An abuse, neglect, and dependency case is difficult for all parties involved. If someone suspects that a child is being abused or neglected at home, the state can intervene and temporarily remove a child from parental care until the parent has made changes to create a safe environment for the child. In cases of severe abuse or neglect in which the parent makes no attempt to rectify the situation, the child may be permanently placed in the care of the state or another guardian, and the parent’s rights to the child may be terminated.

If you suspect child abuse or neglect, you should report it immediately to your county’s Department of Social Services or call 1-800-CHILDREN to contact Prevent Child Abuse North Carolina.

For legal assistance with a child abuse or neglect case, contact the Raleigh abuse, neglect, and dependency attorneys of [firm-name] at 919-833-1040.

Pursuing Legal Help for a Child Abuse Case

A child abuse or neglect case is highly emotional and difficult for everyone involved, and each case can be very different from the others. You should pursue legal assistance if:

  • Your children have been removed from your home under allegations of abuse, neglect, or an unsafe home environment.
  • Your suspect abuse or neglect of your own children by another parent, legal guardian, or other adult responsible for the health and well-being of your child.
  • You are in danger of losing your parental rights.

In abuse, neglect, and dependency cases, each party is represented by a lawyer, including the parents and children. A lawyer to represent the best interests of the child may be assigned by the state. A case involving allegations of abuse or neglect may end with the termination of parental rights, and therefore, if you are at risk of losing your rights to care for your child, it is important to have an experienced Raleigh child custody lawyer on your side.

Abuse and Neglect Cases

A child is considered abused or neglected when:

  • The parent or guardian abuses, abandons, or otherwise mistreats the child.
  • The parent does not take steps to prevent or stop abuse against the child inflicted by another parent, guardian, or other person.
  • The child lives in an unsafe environment.
  • The child has not been provided with the proper level of medical attention or education.

In addition, the state may file a dependency case if:

  • Through no fault of the parent or guardian, the child is homeless or without care.
  • The child is beyond control of the parent or guardian or has run away from home.

In child abuse, neglect, and dependency cases, often the child is not removed from a parent’s home permanently, but rather temporarily until the parent can prove that he or she can provide a safe and attentive home environment for the child. The court may place a child in the custody of a family member or in foster care until the parent makes the necessary changes in the home. If your child is in temporary care, it is important to have a Raleigh child custody attorney represent your case and prove to the court that you have taken steps to improve the child’s home environment and care.

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Whether your children have been removed from your care or you suspect the abuse or mistreatment of your child under the care of another adult, it is important to have an understanding and experienced Raleigh domestic violence lawyer represent you in court and to work with you to attain results in the best interest of your child. For help, contact the offices of [firm-name] today at 919-833-1040.

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